The Things That Matter...

Like other businesses, we have been navigating the challenges and stress brought on by the COVID-19 circumstances. We were very fortunate we could continue with our online shop and are thankful for so many of you who have supported us during this season. We have been working hard this past month to get the shop ready for reopening.

As we were preparing to reopen, we made the decision to board up our shop on Sunday, May 31 due to the protests and current state of what was happening here in SoCal and around the country. After a week of peaceful protests in our area, we decided to take down the boards this past weekend.

We have wrestled with many thoughts and emotions this week as we have watched and listened to everything happening around us, asking ourselves what is our role and what is our responsibility as individuals and small business owners. What we know - People are hurting. People are angry. People want their voices to be heard.

We believe in equality, justice and above all else love. We are committed to these values, recognizing we are not perfect and still learning what it means to live these values out in our daily lives. But we are committed to reflecting, learning, growing, taking action, and doing our part to bring forth positive change. We stand with our black brothers and sisters in the call for racial equality and justice.

We hope our shop can be a place of brightness and light during a time when it seems so dark. We're looking towards brighter days for this country and we hope you are too. 

-Liz & Mel