Co-Founded by Liz and Mel, friends from Orange County, CA who dream, travel, play and laugh a ton. The dream to one day open a shop would come through years of traveling and visiting many of the cutest shops in cities like Portland, Boston, San Francisco and London - wanting to bring a piece of those shops back home. 

In December of 2015, the dream started to become more of a reality and by April of the following year M.Lovewell hosted it's very first pop-up workshop. Ultimately, the dream was to open a brick & mortar and it came sooner than expected. M.Lovewell's shop doors opened in July 2016 in Downtown Santa Ana. 

Many people come into the shop asking what and who we are. So, in a nutshell...

M.Lovewell is a little shop of stationery goods & gifts + workshops. We curate and bring in what inspires us.  And we hope it would inspire you to put more love out in the world.


We are often asked what the "M" means in M.Lovewell. The M actually means MR. We believe there is a "Mr. Lovewell" inside us all - someone who goes out and loves others well in both small and big ways. We want our shop to be a place that inspires others to love well through handwritten cards and small gifts. And our name reminds us of just that.