Just by joining our Shop Squad you'll earn Pencil Points on every purchase whether online or in-store! Here is pretty much everything you need to know!

Q: Does it cost to join the Shop Squad?

Nope, there is no cost to join!

Q: How do I join?

You can sign up by clicking on "Shop Squad" at the bottom of your screen. This is where you will be able login to your account, track how many points you have accumulated, and get your rewards.

Q: How many Pencil Points will I earn on each purchase?

For every $1 spent, you'll receive 1 Pencil Point excluding tax and shipping (if applicable). 

Q: Are there other ways to earn Pencil Points?

Yes! Just by joining our Shop Squad you'll receive 30 Pencil Points. You'll also earn 20 Pencil Points for following us on Instagram!

Q: What happens with Gift Cards?

When you purchase a gift card you won't be earning Pencil Points but your gift recipient will once they use their gift card! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Q: I made a purchase but I didn't receive any Pencil Points?

Chances are you didn't become a member of the Shop Squad before you completed your transaction. If you would like to join you can always email us at and we can create an account for you and add in your points! 

Q: When will I be able to redeem my Pencil Points?

Once you have accumulated 400 points you'll be able to redeem your points. Redeeming points must be done with a purchase of $25+.

Q: What can I use my Pencil Points for?

Deals, exclusive goods, free shipping and pretty much any other fun thing we decide to do!

Q: How do I redeem my Pencil Points?

Simply login into your Shop Squad account to see what rewards you've earned and can redeem. Click on the reward you would like to redeem and you will be given a code to use on your next purchase. 

Q: Do my Pencil Points ever expire?

No, Pencil Points don't expire as long as we have the Shop Squad!

Q: Can I transfer or merge Pencil Points between multiple accounts?

No, once you've created these accounts you won't be able to merge or transfer Pencil Points. 

Q: I'm having trouble or I have a question. Who can I contact?

No problem! You can email us at and we'll get back to you!