Yamamoto Paper Paper Tasting - Silky Vol. 2

Yamamoto Paper was founded in 1972 as a paper wholesaler in Osaka. In 2005, drawing from their years of experience as a wholesaler, Yamamoto Paper began to produce and sell their own paper products to share their enjoyment of paper. This mission is evident in products like their Yamamoto Paper Tasting Pack, which allows individuals to sample from a variety of papers.


  • 3 different types and 3 different sizes of paper pads
  • B7 Passepied Cream : Book paper developed for its smooth texture and ease of turning. 
  • A6 Marshmallow COC : Paper characterized by its soft touch and excellent surface strength.
  • B7 YAMAMOTO BANK PAPER TAKASAGO PREMIUM : Paper developed by YAMAMOTO PAPER and Mitsubishi Paper Takasago Mill. Smooth, silky surface, enhances ink shading, produces accurate color renditions, quick dry times, and suitable for fountain pens.
  • 25 sheets per pad
  • Fountain Pen Friendly