Yamamoto Paper Paper Tasting - Japanese Planner Paper Vol. 2

Yamamoto Paper was founded in 1972 as a paper wholesaler in Osaka. In 2005, drawing from their years of experience as a wholesaler, Yamamoto Paper began to produce and sell their own paper products to share their enjoyment of paper. This mission is evident in products like their Yamamoto Paper Tasting Pack, which allows individuals to sample from a variety of papers.


  • 3 different types and 3 different sizes of paper pads
  • B7 Kokuyo THIN PAPER: "Thin Paper" was developed by the Kokuyo Corporation. They wanted to develop paper that would meet the demands of their daily planner users, such as the need for the paper to be thin but also not bleed through. This paper is used in the "Jibun Techo IDEA Notebook."
  • A6 View Corona Notebook Paper Bright: This paper is made at the Oji F-tex Tokai factory. The paper is thin, light and smooth without much bleed through.
  • B6 Miyoshi Tomoe River: The Tomoe River Paper Company discontinued their production of Tomoe River in 2021 but in order to keep Tomoe River alive, the brand was transferred to Sanzen Paper Mfg. of Kanazawa City, Ishika Prefecture.
  • Fountain Pen Friendly