• Wearingeul Fountain Pen Ink - Othello
  • Wearingeul Fountain Pen Ink - Othello

Wearingeul Fountain Pen Ink - Othello

Wearingeul was established in 2016 by calligrapher Ahn Dong Hyuk who aspired to reinterpret famous literary works using various different senses. Their first product was the “Book Perfume” which sought to reinterpret literature through scent. Their inks seek to do so through sight, specifically color. Since their conception, Wearingeul has branched out to reinterpret contemporary literature as well as other media and created products such as ink swatch cards and fountain pen-friendly paper.


  • The Color of Literature is the project expressing the stories and impressions of literature works with colors. Wearingeul inks illustrate the specific scenes or the atmosphere of novels and poems. Some sets represent the main concept of the original stories.
  • The color of this ink changes dramatically as the ink dries- from dark green to shaded brown with silver glitter. Originated from the quote "Oh, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock. The meat it feeds on" in the novel Othello.
  • 30ml bottled fountain pen ink
  • Suitable for writing and drawing with fountain pens, dip pens, glass pens, and other ink pens.
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