Stalogy Editor's Series 1/2 Year A6 Notebook - Black

Stalogy, which stands for “Stationery, Standard & Technology,” is a Japanese stationery brand that strives to create functional stationery at affordable prices by reexamining the evolution of stationery from the time when humans used sticks to draw in the ground. The end result is a wide array of products that are as minimal and beautiful as they are functional, including their popular 365Days Notebooks, translucent sticky notes, and 4 Functions pen.


  • 4.13" x 5.83" (A6)
  • 184 bleed resistant pages
  • Pages are 4mm grid in light gray
  • Months, dates, and days of the week printed at the top of each page
  • Hour numbers from 0 to 24 printed along the left margin