• Sailor 5ml Fountain Pen Ink Samples

Sailor 5ml Fountain Pen Ink Samples

Sailor was established in 1911 by Kyugoro Sakata, becoming Japan’s first fountain pen company. Since then Sailor has achieved many firsts within Japan and the world such as developing the first Japanese ballpoint pen in 1948 and coining the word “cartridge.” They have also received the honor of being visited by Imperial Prince Hirohito in 1926. Now, Sailor is well known for their beautiful, high-quality resin Pro Gear fountain pens and multiple ink series that are enjoyed by enthusiasts at various stages of the fountain pen hobby.


  • 5ml sample fountain pen ink

  • Dye based ink
  • Not water resistant
  • Ink Vial Recycling: Bring in 10 empty sample ink vials for a complimentary ink sample of your choice.
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