• Pilot CON-40 Fountain Pen Converter

Pilot CON-40 Fountain Pen Converter

Pilot co-founders Ryosuke Namiki and Masao Wada established the company in 1918 with the trademark, “Pilot” being chosen for its meaning of “someone who guides the course of the ship,” as Namiki and Wada aspired to do in the pen industry. They both dreamed of developing a gold-nib fountain pen created completely in Japan and accomplished this in 1925. Soon after, they developed the LACCANAITE lacquering method which is integral to their now world-renowned maki-e fountain pens.


  • Allows you to use bottled fountain pen ink

  • Holds 0.4 ml of ink

  • Agitator beads inside the ink reservoir help maintain steady ink flow by preventing ink from accumulating on the converter's sides
  • Pilot Fountain Pen CON-40 Pen Converter for Pilot Fountain Pens

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