• Kaweco Mini Fountain Pen Converter

Kaweco Mini Fountain Pen Converter

Kaweco is a German pen brand with a rich history that begins in 1883 under the name Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik. In 1911, Kaweco introduced their iconic Sport collection. Despite this, the company faced difficulties competing against other manufacturers around the world, which resulted in it being acquired twice. The most recent acquisition in 1994 by H & M Gutberlet GmbH allowed the brand to become what it is today with modern versions of their well-loved pens, such as the AL Sport, and limited edition colorways that are met with enthusiasm by new and old pen enthusiasts worldwide.


  • Length : 1.29" 
  • Filling capacity .47 ml

  • Suitable for all Kaweco SPORT fountain pens from year 2016 and up
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