Workshop Instructor: Eunice Sun

Eunice Sun has been teaching with us since January. She started with a Watercolor Gems & Lettering Workshop, and is gearing up to teach her next workshop, Watercolor Cacti & Lettering, on December 3rd.

We connected with Eunice through a former student of Mel's, and are excited to be part of Eunice’s start in teaching workshops! We love her energy, quirkiness, and fun nature—she is fantastic at watercolor and awesome at teaching others!

We asked Eunice to share a bit about her creative journey and experience, so that you could get to know her more: 


1) How did you start learning watercolor? Growing up, I took plenty of art classes and loved to paint and draw. I've always been really crafty and never strayed too far from my creative side, but I didn't start painting again until 2 years ago—after taking a modern calligraphy and then a lettering with watercolors class. To style my lettering, I began to paint florals, cacti and succulents and it led to painting #allthethings. Now I find inspiration for painting everywhere, and can't seem to stop dreaming about watercolors! 

2) What do you love about watercolor? I love that watercolor is fluid (literally) and works with the motion of water and your brush! The way watercolors blend and how each stroke is unique really makes the medium special. Watercolors are really representative of my personality—I love bright colors and can relate to loud and bold colors, but also soft and dreamy, and there really are no rules and formalities! I also love watercolor because it's forgiving (no stained shirts, hands and rugs, and pets, here!) but yet so "blendifully" beautiful (please don't check in the dictionary if that's a real word!) :)

3) Why succulents and cacti? Succulents and cacti caught my eye because, just like watercolor as a medium, they're each unique and different in sizes, colors, and types! Studies show that having greenery around your home allows for better overall wellness, and it also helps that they're just so darn cute! Anytime I think something is cute, I have to paint it! So here we are, my obsession continues—and now my current endeavor is painting house plants on top of cacti and succulents!

4) You got married recently! What were some of the DIY and lettering projects you did for your own wedding? I did just get married! I can't believe what a whirlwind of a year it's been but I enjoyed every minute of it and am feeling a little sad that my wedding planning job is over! As a member of the DIY community, I knew that I wanted to make as much as I could for our wedding! I also knew that this would be my chance to be my own client where I could create whatever my heart desired. So our journey began and I designed our invitations, a signature watercolor crest, addressed our envelopes, made wood signs, programs, personalized jewelry boxes and hangers for my bridesmaids, floral hoops (see photo above), and marble tile escort cards! My bridesmaids were an amazing support and help in creating everything! My wood signs and other decor were actually lettered by me digitally and then my bridesmaid printed and cut vinyl on her Cricut. Another one of my bridesmaids (@leavesandlilacs) was actually my florist and created all of the floral decor as well as our personal flowers. All of them spent so much time with me crafting and I'm so thankful for their patience and their love for DIY.