When we were planning for our move next door to Unit 103, it was an welcomed opportunity to work with a blank slate! While this was our second go around at planning our shop space, we faced the challenge of creating the same shop vibe while wanting to bring some new touches! Ahhhh, the PRESSURE! It was a fun (but super stressful) creative process as we were able to bring a lot of new ideas to life and bring back some of our original elements as well. We went back and forth on so many ideas, and where we landed turned out better than we imagined! Now we are are all settled in, and we are loving it so much! Here's a look at some of the OLD and NEW in our shop home!



It's probably what will catch your eye when you first walk in! You definitely can't miss it! Our new big wall! We didn't have as much wall space in our old shop so were super excited to play with this charming wall, exposed stairwell and all! You'll find home goods, an expanded jewelry section, enamel pins, calligraphy and art supplies and of course, lots of cactus and house plants here! We love that we can highlight these goods in this area! And we love the sunlight that pours in through our front window!


Cards, cards and MORE cards! We want to make you smile, laugh, nudge a friend, and think of that special someone! Yes, we have quite an addiction for cards. We couldn't get enough so we went from 14 to 24 shelves. Our signature "book ends" created by vintage nut boards and our DIY wooden shelves complete our card wall! Seriously, if you can't find the perfect card, let us know! We can definitely help!



Okay, so we have a thing for pens and pencils too! Blackwing pencils, mechanical pencils, fountain pens, brush pens, needle point pens, drawing pens and lots of fun accessories make up our stash here! Our front counter was getting a bit full so we needed to new way to showcase our collection that was both fun, interactive, and accessible! With the help of Artifct, we created these custom table top displays! Step right up and give it all a try! 


There is nothing wishy WASHI about this wall! We wanted a spot where you couldn't miss the mix of washi tape on hand! It's so fun, right? Washi colors and patterns matter to us! This is where we could insert the 20 WAYS TO USE WASHI but we'll save that for another time! If you see something on the shelf you like, you better come soon! You never know when we'll be switching it up! 


Hosting workshops is a huge part of what we do so we wanted to make sure we gave this creative space the attention it deserved! Our workshop space is now more versatile with enough length and width to sit either banquet style or classroom style! We also added barn doors that lead to a small kitchenette and storage area! We love the communal vibe of this space making it a great environment for learning, creativity and for any type of celebration or event! And of course, no chalkboard would be right without some lettering by Kate Coogan of P+H Chalk! Thanks for the special touch Kate! 
Our creative space would not be complete without another beautiful calligraphy mural by Angi Phillips of Angelique, Ink! We wanted a quote that reflected the heart behind this space! Angi worked her calligraphy and design magic once again and captured Brene Brown's quote in the most beautiful and amazing way! The process was just as inspiring as the final product! Angi makes large scale projects like this look so easy but it was hours and hours of painting that brought this artwork to life! Thanks Angi! You are the best!
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