Hello from Liz & Mel!

We are the founders of M.Lovewell - Liz and Mel! We are friends from Orange County, CA who dream, explore, play and laugh together...a whole lot. And when we aren’t doing that, we love to plan, organize, create and make things. In December 2015, the dreaming of what we loved and what could be turned into an idea to start M.Lovewell! 

M.Lovewell curates goods and boutique events that are thoughtful, creative, and unexpected. All to spark more love.

We are…


We are intentional and purposeful in what we create. Every detail of our goods, workshops, and events are crafted to inspire.


We believe a heart set free with imagination creates beauty for others. That's why we aim to give creatives a platform to share their passion and craft.


We love the whimsical, the unexpected, and the element of wonderful surprises. We want to experience and share more of this in life!

A Little Bit About Liz:

I love creating! Whether it’s crafting gifts for others or curating meaningful experiences for people, the process of seeing it come together is one of the BEST parts of going through the creative journey. And after recently transitioning from my job, I thought it was about time to embark on the ultimate creative journey of starting a business! This process has been filled with moments of excitement, frustration, anticipation, fear, passion, and insecurity. There are probably many more moments of insecurity and fear but I feel more alive than I’ve felt in a while. And through all that, in just a few short months we have been able to create the beginnings of something dear to our hearts and we want to share that with each person that we meet. The excitement and anticipation for these workshops are building as we get closer to April 10! And we can’t wait to meet all the wonderful people that will be learning with M.Lovewell!

5 FUN Facts...

I hate the word “m...st.” A word you might use to describe a, “m…st” cupcake.

San Francisco on a rainy day sitting in a coffee shop would be the most perfect day.

I love eating popcorn dipped in mustard.

My car’s name is Wilbur.

I once got hit by a foul ball at a Dodger game and the crowd booed me. :(

A Little Bit About Mel:

I love to plan. I love thinking about event themes and details. I love thinking about what will move and inspire people. I love coming up with ways to connect people. My creative outlet for the last 11 years has been my role as a high school activities director. I get to work with student leaders who are dreamers, artists, and influencers. My students inspire me to take risks, try new things and move past fear. So when my friend Liz started dreaming about starting M.Lovewell, the opportunity to journey alongside her in this venture was one I didn’t want to miss. We are two girls who love learning new things, discovering quality goods that bring a heartfelt smile or laugh, and bringing together people with creative experiences! The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity! It’s crazy to think we are just about a month away from our official workshop launch! We are so excited and we hope to see you there!

5 FUN Facts...

Mint chip ice cream is my favorite sweet!

I get very excited driving over bridges.

I live in a purple room.

Carrie Underwood is my favorite American Idol.

I love eating corn dogs at Disneyland.

We invite you to join us as we launch our first M.Lovewell workshops. The full lineup and how to register can be found on our Workshops Page. Current workshops include Watercolor Calligraphy, Intro to Copperplate Calligraphy, Hand Lettering + Cursive Basics, Loom Weaving, Modern String Art, and Beginner Modern Calligraphy. Come learn with M.Lovewell!