Some of you may remember our Giveaway Of All Time or THE GOAT! It was at the end of 2018 when we called MEGAN on Christmas Day to let her know she was our GOAT winner! Winning our big giveaway meant she was able to take one workshop a month for all of 2019! So at this time last year, she was starting out her journey with a year of workshops ahead. It was a treat for us this past year to get to know Megan as she came through each month for a workshop! Here’s a look at what she learned and experienced!

#1 - Modern Brush Lettering with Letters By Shells

#2 - Geometric Punch Needle with Chelsea Virginia

#3 - Botanical Line Drawing with The Pigeon Letters

#4 - Intermediate Weaving with Tiffany Lusteg

#5 - Beginner’s Weaving with Tiffany Lusteg

#6 - Intermediate Modern Calligraphy with Angelique, Ink

#7 - Paper Flowers w/ Handmade By Sara Kim

#8 - Botanical Watercolor with The Mint Gardener

#9 - Watercolor Lettering with Chasing Linen

#10 - Intro to Modern Embroidery with Nutmeg & Honeybee

#11 - Circular Weaving with Tiffany Lusteg

#12 - Floral Wreath with Wild Muse Floral


We asked Megan a few questions about her GOAT experience this past year! Here’s what she shared!

What was your reaction when you found out you won the GOAT - the year of workshops? 

I think I literally squealed with joy. I remember the memory vividly. I was at my parents' house, and I was listening to the voicemail. I wasn't quite sure what the voicemail was talking about (it was a little choppy, and I didn't even think about the GOAT in the moment). I called back, and when you answered, I realized what it was for! It was the BEST news at the best time in my life. I had made some big life decisions the year prior, and 2018 had been a challenging yet growing year. I needed a year full of creativity and learning, and winning the GOAT for 2019 was absolutely the perfect thing for me. 

What was your experience being able to take a workshop each month? 

I can't even start to describe how amazing the entire experience was. I had been following M.Lovewell for quite some time, and to have the opportunity to take all the workshops I had been eyeing was just the most incredible thing. Mel and Liz are the most warm and friendly shop owners, and they curate the most talented instructors for their workshops. I've always loved learning different types of crafts and being able to learn punch needling in one month and transitioning to watercolor and gouache in another month to calligraphy the next month was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a much appreciated indulgence. 

What was a workshop highlight for you?

Oh, wow. Picking one is like picking your favorite child. I want to say each month was a highlight because it really was. I loved being able to learn something new, whether it was an entirely new skill or a new technique to add to my arsenal of skills. If I had to pick the top three, I'd say finishing all three of Tiffany Lusteg's weaving workshops was a highlight for a number of reasons. She has a passion and genuine love for fiber that is just infectious, and she is a fabulous instructor. I also really enjoyed taking both of Angi's modern calligraphy classes. If you haven't watched her in action, you're missing out. She's so mellow and easygoing, and I can watch her write for hours. It is the most peaceful and soothing thing ever -- and SO beautiful. Lastly, I just adored Meg with her modern embroidery. I always thought embroidery was so tedious and way too meticulous for me, and she completely challenged everything I ever associated with embroidery. I even fly with my embroidery now -- it's so easy to pick up and do anywhere and anytime!

What’s something you started in a workshop in 2019 that you want to finish in 2020?

HAHA - I knew you ladies would ask this! So my list of finished projects compared to the actual number of projects I've started is very, very short. I finished my punch needling project in class, as well as the paper flowers and the wreath. I also finished water coloring one of Sarah's pre-drawn sketches at home, but I have tons more that needs to be done. I definitely want to finish my embroidery and weaving projects in 2020. I did hand letter over 50 tags for Christmas presents this year, so there has definitely been progress, and I do practice my lettering (calligraphy, brush pen, and water color) when I need a relaxing moment. What I love so much about the GOAT is that I have so many new ways I can express myself creatively, and I will not run out of ways to relax and craft in 2020. My goal is to finish every project and take a photo of it all -- let's hope it happens in 2020!

How would you finish this? “Tapping into my creativity means...”

Tapping into my creativity means letting go and letting the moment inspire the creation of something beautiful and authentic. I am SO Type-A in most things -- especially when it comes to my work, so I LOVE and thrive on letting go and letting creativity take the lead when I sit down to craft. Creativity is the yin to my yang.

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