Join us in writing 30 letters in 30 days during April, National Letterwriting Month! 

Come to our Write_On Kick-Off Night on Friday! Be sure to REGISTER before all seats are filled. And if you can't make it that night, you can still take part! Just start your letterwriting journey on April 1st. Be sure to tag us at @m.lovewell on Instagram and use #mlovewell #write_on

Write_On Letter Writing Party

Date: Friday, April 6

Time: 7:00-8:30 PM

Seats Available: 10

What is Write_On?

Write_On is a mission driven campaign to promote joy, creativity, expression, and connection through hand-written correspondence. Inspired by Egg Press founder Tess Darrow’s challenge to write a letter daily, the campaign launched in 2014 with the entire staff of Egg Press and Hello!Lucky challenging themselves, their friends, their families, and their fans to write 30 letters in 30 days during April, National Letter Writing Month. 

Event Description:

We will be taking part in the Write_On campaign and we invite you join us! We are hosting this night to share some letter writing goodies! Bring your favorite pen and markers, your cards and letter writing supplies!

If you can't be with us on this night, we hope you will still join us in the Write_On campaign! 

What is provided with your registration:

  • Write_On Kit which includes includes 6 cards and envelopes, stickers, a gel pen, and a letter-writing log sheet
  • Complimentary postage for 2 letters (per person, written at the event)
  • Light Refreshments

Due to the limited spots, registration for this event is non-refundable.

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