• Autopoint Jumbo 0.9mm Mechanical Pencil - Yellow

Autopoint Jumbo 0.9mm Mechanical Pencil - Yellow


  • Approximately 5.7" length

  • Refillable twist tip mechanical pencil
  • Five HB leads included in the pencil
  • Grip-Tite tip that holds the lead firmly in place so that it won't wobble, jam, or fall out
  • Storage for additional leads under the eraser
  • Eraser refills available

  • 0.9 mm HB lead refills available (lead is 1.25" long, much shorter than a typical lead refill)

  • Instructions:

    • To extend the lead, twist the tip clockwise
    • To retract the lead, twist the barrel counter-clockwise and press the lead down against a firm surface
    • To refill the lead, pull off the tip, unscrew the plunger, insert one lead into the lead tube, and reassemble
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