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Intro to iPad Lettering w/ Letters By Shells

Instructor: Shelly Kim of Letters By Shells

Date: Saturday, April 21

Time: 3:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m. (2.5 Hour Workshop)

Shop Address: 305-103 E. 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Class Size: 20 students maximum

Cost: $85 per person

Workshop Description:

The overall purpose of this workshop is to take your lettering to the next level and master the beauty of iPad lettering! 

During this 2.5 hour workshop, you will not only learn the basics of how to get started with iPad lettering, but the following topics will also be covered:

  • Understanding the different brushes to use for iPad Lettering
  • Understanding the different pressure levels
  • Understanding quick tips, techniques & shortcuts utilizing the layers
  • Understanding shortcuts utilizing all the other options
  • Understanding the various effects to compliment your lettering
  • How to create your own brushes
  • How to create your own stamps
  • How to create fun backgrounds to compliment your lettering

As a class, we will be able to review frequently asked questions throughout the workshop together!

*Requirements for the workshop:

  • iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

  • Download of the Procreate App by Savage Interactive Pty Ltd ($9.99 at the Apple App Store for iPad Pro)

  • Download of the Adobe Photoshop Sketch App by Adobe (Free purchase at the Apple App Store for iPad Pro)

  • Some experience with brush lettering, hand lettering, or lettering

You will receive the following items during the workshop:

  • Digital Procreate Brushes + Digital Stamps made by me
  • Small Gift along with a Personalized Name Tag
  • Digital Print to use as screen savers
  • Digital Guide filled with all the tips, techniques, and shortcuts that will be reviewed during the workshop given in a PDF or PNG format

This workshop is all about being positive and having fun while learning the beauty of iPad Lettering! 

I have tailored this workshop for you to elevate your lettering skills! Let's all just use this time to relax, learn, and letter with good company!