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Brush Lettering & Linen Banners with Chasing Linen

Instructor: Dianuh Gundersen of Chasing Linen

Date: Saturday, March 3

Time: 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. (2 Hour Workshop)

Shop Address: 305-103 E. 4th St., Santa Ana, CA 92701

Class Size: 20 students maximum

Cost: $85 per person

Workshop Description:

In this class, Dianuh of Chasing Linen will teach you the art of brush lettering on linen banners. With step-by-step instructions, students will receive hands-on practice on how to brush letter on paper before moving onto lettering on fabric. Students will leave with 2 linen banners they lettered to hang in their home or to use as a signage or backdrop for special events such as bridal showers or weddings. We will supply all the materials including a brush lettering packet created by Dianuh, a brush marker, and supplies to create 2 linen banners for students to keep. Let's get creative together, join us for our #CLworkshop!