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Watercolor Gems & Lettering

Do gems, crystals and diamonds make your heart flutter? Are you attracted to colorful and shiny things? If so, join Eunice of Electric Eunice to learn how to draw and paint a watercolor gem, and finish off your unique print with watercolor lettering. 

In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn how to create a gem and lettering watercolor print from start to finish. We will walk through how to sketch a gem and then bring it to life with wet on wet watercolor blending techniques. Then, we will walk through the basics of watercolor brush lettering from upstrokes, downstrokes and color blending. From this workshop, you will receive a watercolor starter kit including a 36 watercolor pan set, designer brush, pencil, ruler, watercolor paper, and an Electric Eunice alphabet worksheet and gem print. 


Earlier Event: January 1
Later Event: January 8
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