• Galen Leather Single Pen Sleeve - Black

Galen Leather Single Pen Sleeve - Black

Galen Leather was established in Turkey in 2012 by siblings Zeynep and Yufus Perens after a significant life event. Within the first year, business increased gradually, until Galen Leather experienced a boom around the 2013 Christmas season. At the time, Galen Leather’s manufacturer was unable to meet this demand, forcing the siblings to pivot. They began to learn leather crafting from local artisans and by watching videos on YouTube. Eventually, their time and effort paid off and the business took off, making Galen Leather a cherished gem in the stationery community it is today.


  • Fits 1 Pen 5.51" in length, .62" in diameter or less
  • Made of 100% vegetable tanned cow leather - Full Grain
  • Handmade in Turkey
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