Clara Adame's Love of Color & Creativity

We made a visit recently to Redlands, CA to spend some coffee shop time with our new friend Clara Adame of  Kindred Supply Company. She’ll be instructing the very first workshop we are hosting so we are especially excited and grateful to partner with her! Our time chatting with Clara left us feeling like we met a creative “kindred” spirit. Her journey of discovering her passion and stepping out in her creative journey was inspiring to us. It reminded us that everyone starts somewhere and taking the first step is all it takes. Well, that and a whole lot of practice when it comes to learning something new! When you find your love of something, like Clara with calligraphy, you pour yourself into it and beautiful things come from it. Clara’s creativity is a touch of beauty and we’re so glad to share with you more about her!!!   

Clara is a calligrapher who loves creating custom work for weddings and events. “When I have to write 500 envelopes for wedding invitations,” Clara explains, “I’ll give myself enough time so I can get them all done in a week without getting too stressed. Some people get tired of it, sitting there and having to do something that seems so tedious, but I don’t. I love doing it!”

Clara’s passion for calligraphy and hand lettering started with a simple curiosity. She first picked up a book about calligraphy at a local bookstore. She then found a basic calligraphy set at a craft store so she could learn on her own. From there, she says, “I became absolutely obsessed with calligraphy. I would practice, practice, practice and I would be doing it nonstop for days straight. I would plant myself at a Starbucks and just practice.” She took a calligraphy workshop and continued developing her craft. Having dabbled with the use of watercolor while in college, she also quickly developed a love for watercolor calligraphy, also known as brush lettering.

What she loves about teaching workshops is being in front of people and watching people get excited as they see and understand how the ink flows from the nib and onto the page. She also loves teaching people about how to use watercolors and all the possibilities it allows in lettering.

In addition to teaching workshops, Clara also creates calligraphy prints, inspired by her love of music and movies. She has also begun designing jewelry and is working on growing her online store.

Here are 10 fun facts about Clara!

  1. She is GREAT at puzzles...really GREAT!
  2. Winston is the name of her black pug and he’s adorable!
  3. She plays the trumpet and guitar...oh yes, a proud band geek from high school!
  4. She collects unused vintage stamps and loves sending mail with them.
  5. She’s a fan of IPA’s and craft beer.
  6. She loves loves LOVE coffee.
  7. First Aid Kit is her favorite band.
  8. She catches her favorite show 30 ROCK daily thanks to Netflix.
  9. Wearing birkenstocks is a must. You’ll almost always find her in a pair.
  10. And of course, watercolor is her favorite medium to work with!

Visit her website at: Kindred Supply Company

Clara is a native of the Inland Empire in Southern California and teaches workshops throughout the Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Bernardino area.

Register for her upcoming workshop:

Introduction to Watercolor (Brush) Calligraphy - Sunday, April 10 (9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)