My First DTSA Artwalk

“Thank you for giving us space to create.”

“The most beautiful things don’t ask for attention.”

“Live in Color”

“Follow your dreams.”

“Love yourself. No matter what!”

"Never fit in. Go ahead and be different. It’s never bad to be you."


My very first DTSA Artwalk was more than I could have asked for. Yes, it was great that people came through and got to experience M.Lovewell but more than that it was what they gifted to others that got me all emotional. Being new to the neighborhood we wanted to give people a space to create and have it be accessible to everyone. So, we decided on a coloring wall. Without fail after telling people about the wall they would immediately walk over and go at it. But early on in the evening a girl asked if she could draw on the tables that had already been covered with kraft paper from our workshop that day. Of course my response was, “Go for it!”

Towards the end of the night I took a look at the tables and was moved by what each person had created whether through words or pictures. It was unexpected and more than I could have asked for. The tables were filled with quotes - Words expressed and gifted to others to inspire and give people hope. It was beautiful. Love inspires others to love.

Favorite from the night…

“When in doubt let love be your default.”

If by any slim chance you’re that girl that asked and you’re reading this thanks for asking and for giving others the opportunity and permission to creatively express themselves. You’re awesome!

This has now sparked in us excitement to continue creating spaces that invite people to express more beauty. The next DTSA Artwalk is coming up on September 3 from 6-10pm. Come by as we will have another super fun and interactive experience in the shop!


M.Lovewell Co-Founder