90% of our cards are letterpress cards—needless to say we love letterpress! Finding the perfect marriage between letterpress and design are usually what we’re looking for when considering a line of cards or stationery for the shop. We wanted to feature a few lines we brought into the shop recently: The Matt Butler, Life is Funny Press, and Chez Gagne. These three lines won us over with their simplicity, charm, and fun captured through their thoughtful wit, snark, and genuineness. 

You can find these cards both in SHOP and ONLINE!

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The Matt Butler

The Matt Butler defines himself as a "snarky hand-crafter" who uses his cards to bring genuine laughter through wit and well-placed snark. He carefully utilizes text size and placement to bring sayings to life, and bring a grin to our faces.  

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Life is Funny Press

Life is Funny Press mixes both text and image to design simple, heartfelt and genuine messages. Based in Santa Monica, Adam Smith (designer and founder) started his business with "a sharpie a dream" in 2009, and was able to do Life is Funny Press as a full time career just four years later! 

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Chez Gagne

Alex Gagne's (founder) use of black and neon in her designs matches the punch of sarcasm and fun found in her cards. With a perfect blend of general greetings and off-the-wall comments, Chez Gagne uses funny phrases and thoughtful, clean design to bring light to all sorts of occasions and situations. 

You can find these cards and more from these featured artists both in SHOP and ONLINE!

Sally Kim