Julia Mattox of Luminous Lines has a Modern Calligraphy I workshop with us coming up on October 15th, where she'll be teaching the essentials and mechanics of modern calligraphy. Julia is the founder of Luminous Lines Creative, a small graphic design and lettering studio that focuses on bringing each brand's mission and vision to light by crafting purposeful designs.

Julia is a working mother of two, designer, and artist that has been teaching at M.Lovewell for a little over a year now. We couldn't be more excited to feature her today. 

Hi Julia! Thanks so much for taking time to answer a few questions for us! First, can you share a bit about who you are, and what Luminous Lines is?
I was raised by my artist mother in Northern Nevada not far from Lake Tahoe. I am a mountain girl at heart, living with my surfer husband and two kiddos in Corona. Luminous Lines Creative is a small lettering and design business that offers web design, branding, calligraphy/lettering commissions, and workshops!

How did you get into Graphic Design, Lettering, and Branding? 
I originally went to school for interior design. After several teachers made note of my favoritism for type design, illustration, and aspects that were only relevant to graphic and web design, switching my major to graphic design was a no brainer. While I always wanted to land in a creative field, I never thought I would end up working for myself. In fact, I had an instructor for a required business course ask the class who had the goal of one day owning their own business; he [noted] that everyone who said they didn't want to, probably would end up starting their own business...And he was right! 

Everything happened organically. After designing my own wedding invites, inquiries from friends and friends of friends started rolling in. While the focus of my business originally revolved around event stationery, it eventually transformed to branding and web design after receiving requests from other creatives in the wedding industry to design for their businesses. Since I didn't want to become a "Jane of all trades and a master of none," I did my best to narrow down my specialties to business branding and web design with an emphasis on hand illustrations and lettering. 

How did you come up with the name, Luminous Lines Creative? 
Naming my business was actually very challenging for me. I wanted it to be unique, relevant and sustain time. It took me weeks and countless lists until I settled on Luminous Lines (the 'Creative' portion was added later). The idea stemmed from my mission to enlighten or bring light to the aspects that drive each business that I work with.

You are a wife and mom, and a business owner...How do you do it?
It's definitely not easy, and there is never a dull moment! I often compare the two since there are a lot of similarities—It is all about problem solving and seeing everything as a learning experience instead of an obstacle. I have also learned to prioritize, pay attention to what works and what doesn't and develop routines off of those factors. 
Tell us a bit about the workshops you teach, and how you feel about teaching. 
Being an introvert, I didn't think I would love teaching as much as I do, but I just absolutely love seeing people fall in love with Calligraphy and lettering for the first time.

My workshops are a balance of visual and hands on learning. I try not to get too crazy technical, since my biggest goal is help each participant fall in love with their new skill right off the bat. I want them to enjoy it and leave feeling comfortable and confident that they can continue on their own.

M.lovewell blog interview with Luminous Lines

Why did you start teaching workshops?
To be totally honest, I was drawn to the idea of connecting with people on a different level than I did though my client work. Freelancing can be very lonely at times, even for an introvert like myself. I still remember teaching my first workshop at Oh Hello Friend in Fullerton. I was absolutely terrified during the first couple minutes in front of the class. But the second I realized everyone was there because they wanted to learn about what was already such a passion to me, that fear turned into joy. Teaching workshops is probably the most rewarding part of my business. 

What inspires you, and what keeps you fueled creatively?
My late mother is my biggest inspiration. She was an amazing artist, sculptor and illustrator that was incredibly resourceful and, most importantly, knew how to throw her vulnerability and emotions into each piece of work. She always knew how to find inspiration within herself. Continually finding inspiration takes work though. When I force myself to stay present and pull my nose away from the digital world, that's when I find the best inspiration.

What is your favorite thing to do after ending a workday?
If it's been a creative work day, I have a silly ritual of spreading out and arranging all my work, to take one last look at what I have accomplished throughout the day. Sometimes it helps keep me inspired for the coming day. After the day is officially done, I enjoy "unwinding" (as much as you can with two kiddos!) with my husband and children. 

Anything else? 
Lady Luminous—my very first font—is releasing on Monday October 16th! She's a simple, feminine hand lettered font that is delicate and classic. While I have a brush lettered and pointed pen calligraphy font that I will also be releasing soon, this is more in line with the work that I share frequently. I have received a lot of requests for the font that I use, and until now, it's always been my own hand-lettering. I'm excited to make this easily accessible to designers, artists and those who need something decorative and elegant to incorporate into their personal stationery!

M.Lovewell Blog interview with Luminous Lines

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Sally Kim