Each month, vendors, restaurants, artists, shops and the community gather on the first Saturday for Downtown Santa Ana's Artwalk. It's an evening where galleries open, live music plays, and artisan street vendors sell handmade goods to create an environment for gathering—and it's our absolute favorite evening of every month. 

As a shop, we get to open our doors to the Santa Ana community (and visitors from all over) from 6pm-10pm and offer some kind of creative activity for whoever meanders through our doors. We love seeing different people find their way into our corner, and express themselves through the activity we offer for the evening. Our goal is to create an environment for people to unleash their creativity and have fun together! 


We see families, couples, and long time friends gather around our tables to check out what we have going on. We always keep our Artwalk events free to give back and promote art to the community. We love seeing how people jump right in when we tell them the craft or activity is totally free!


Over the course of the year, we've seen people of all ages enjoy the evening in and out of our shop—seeing families spend time together doing something free and fun, friends creating lasting memories together...these are priceless perks to participating in the Art Walk. We often overhear kids asking their parents if they can come again next time!

This month, for the sake of October and love of all things pumpkin, we had pumpkins available for painting. We had people making their way in and out throughout the entire evening—it was a BLAST!

In the past, we've had a huge coloring wall available for expression, terra-cotta pots available for decorating, chalkboard paper on the floor, snail-mail writing stations, New Years Resolutions journaling...all kinds of inspirational activities to encourage creativity, engage with the community, and give people space to focus on something positive for a few hours. 

We would love to see you at Downtown Santa Ana's next Artwalk on Saturday, November 4th, from 6-10pm! Need a reminder? Sign up for our newsletter and you'll be up to date on all our events in the community and shop. See you there!

Sally Kim