10 Shop Things We are Grateful For

"I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness - it's right in front of me if I'm paying attention and practicing gratitude."
-Brene Brown

Opening M.Lovewell could be seen as chasing a dream, and perhaps there have been many parts of our journey where it was about making a dream come to life. Yes, we have definitely experienced lots of amazing, exciting, unbelievable and extraordinary moments in this crazy season, all of which we are so grateful for. But the reality as small business owners is that there is a daily grind that comes with pretty ordinary things we must do. In this Thanksgiving week, we celebrate these things because it reminds us of how much we get to be thankful for! 


  1. Picking up pastries at a local bakery for our workshops! It means we get a treat too! So dangerous!

  2. Rewrapping the tables with kraft paper after every event. We never know what messages we'll find on the tables! (See the photo below!)

  3. Pulling down the window and door gates before we leave. They were left by the business  who occupied the space before us. We're reminded of how our space was totally transformed when we came in except for those gates.

  4. Doing crafty things that take a LONG time (making paper cones for the window and painting hundreds of wooden beads for the holidays). 

  5. Having old friends pay us an unexpected visit!

  6. Having new shop friends dropping in, especially mid-week visits!

  7. Getting our favorite tea drink "Hey Arnold!" on Sundays from our friends at Contra who pop up at the DTSA Farmers Market. Good beverages (and caffeine) go a long way!

  8. When the last of an item runs out in the shop - we're sad because it's gone but we're happy because its gone (ask Liz about this tension haha!)

  9. Being super tired at the end of the day because it means it was another day working towards our goals.

  10. Dusting the card shelves because it means we're still in business! :)