We are the founders of M.Lovewell - Liz and Mel! We are friends from Orange County, CA who dream, explore, play and laugh together...a whole lot. And when we aren’t doing that, we love to plan, organize, create and make things. In December 2015, the dreaming of what we loved and what could be turned into an idea to start M.Lovewell! We opened the doors of our shop in July 2016 and we are so grateful to call Downtown Santa Ana our shop home. 

We are…


We are intentional and purposeful in what we create. Every detail of our goods, workshops, and events are curated to inspire.


We believe a heart set free with imagination creates beauty for others. That's why we aim to give creatives a platform to share their passion and craft.


We love the whimsical, the unexpected, and the element of wonderful surprises. We want to experience and share more of this with others!


We are often asked what the "M" means in M. Lovewell. The M actually means MR. We believe there is a "Mr. Lovewell" inside us all - someone who goes out and loves others well in both small and big ways. We want our shop to be a place that inspires others to love well. And our name reminds us of just that.